When affordability and quality come together

The Posters are made on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper with 100% cellulose, creating quality posters. The photographs are handpicked from different cameras from different corners in the world.

Our philosophy, it all starts and ends with quality, from the first moment when the photograph is taken to the delivery without compromising the price.


Bringing the world to the walls

The idea is to bring the world to the walls to set the right vibe in a room. Its all in the details and the posters are easy to style no matter what kind of room.

It all starts with a vision and then there is no limits with posters from Lively Bay, if you want some inspiration, check out this place!


Lively Bay X Sustainability

For every order placed on Lively Bay, a new tree is planted through the organisation Vi-skogen by donation. Planting new trees fight climate change and take people in eastern Africa out of poverty.